How Not To Take Turn 5 at Road America

This 'incident' described below occurred at the Alfa Romeo Owner's Club Fall Challenge 1996. If you're interested in racing your Alfa, or other car, like I do with my 164L, mail me. This sequence ( click on the thumbnail to see the full size version ) should show you how not to do it. More pictures from the same event. --David Hillman.
First, hit the proper apex ( which amounts to staying within the black line thoughtfully drawn by thousands of previous drivers ), but with far too much speed. ( Note the resultant image blur. )
( Metallic brake pads almost lasted the whole hour-long session. ) As the rear-end begins to pass you on the outside of the slowest corner, react just a little too slowly, and scare the bejeezus out of the instructor riding in the passenger seat.
As the rear-end completes the pass, pray ( successfully as it turns out ) for a light touch of the tire wall instead of more damaging contact with the armco. Next, wait for the corner worker's signal, reverse away from the wall, and continue to further ( on-track ) adventures.
Afterwards, have dinner at a restaurant in Elkhart Lake... and overhear loud, semi-sober discussion from five tables away about the goof-ball in the big, black Alfa that spun in Five. "He looked like he was going okay... then he just spun into the tires!" Try to control Significant Other's laughter...

© 1997 David Hillman, Photos by Antoun Nabhan