How To Make a Fifteen Dollar Video Camera Mount

Raw materials:

  • (1) 36x1x1.5" aluminum rectangular structural tube from McMaster-Carr (P/N 88935K553, $15.90 ). 36" should be sufficient for most vehicles, I actually cut mine down to about 32" for the MR2. Measure before you order.
  • (1) 1" eyebolt with 1/4" x 20 course thread ( P/N 9489T18 )
  • optional: a washer for the bottom of the eyebolt, and I use a few rubber washers for cushioning, too.

  • Tape measure or similar
  • Drill
  • Hacksaw, cut-off tool, circular saw or something else to cut the raw material to desired size.

Build it:

  1. Measure diameter of your headrest posts, distance between passenger seat headrest posts, and distance between inboard headrest posts on each seat.
  2. Mark your structural tube for four holes, two for the passenger headrest, one for the inboard driver's headrest post, and one 17/64ths for the eyebolt, eight to ten inches inboard from the driver's side hole ( or actually anywhere along the tube, if you like, but the closer to the driver's headrest the better, as long as you have sufficient room to avoid smacking the camera with your helmet ).
  3. Drill.
  4. Install


  1. Depending on camera model, you may have to insert your tape or disc first.
  2. Insert passenger headrest through tube.
  3. Line up seats ( becaue you only have one hole on the driver's side, they don't have to be perfectly even, just close ).
  4. Insert passenger headrest into seat.
  5. Insert driver headrest through tube and into seat.
  6. Thread eyebolt through tube from bottom and into tripod hole in camera.
  7. Aim camera.
  8. Tighten eyebolt ( slipping a screwdriver through it helps ).

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Copyright 2003, David Hillman