Supertrapp Install on MR2

When we bought our second C Stock MR2, the exhaust exited through a massive muffler and two large tips apparently made by Trust. This system was very heavy, loud, ugly, and prevented me from installing my Bailey Hitch. Needless to say, I didn't like it, and it had to go.

I really only considered one option for replacement, a Supertrapp muffler. I knew a 10 inch model could be installed, but I was concerned about the noise level. According to SuperTrapp, additional length results in more muffling, so I decided to try and fit a 4 by 17 inch S/C series unit.

Racer Parts Wholesale sold me a 2" core diameter, 4" disc S/C muffler ( P/N SU443-2017 ) for $150. I took it to Exhaust Works in Naperville and the great folks there cut off the huge old muffler and fashioned this system.

I brought my hitch with me, and showed them how it mounted, to be sure there would be enough clearance.

As you can see, the space is tight, but the angle of the muffler allows sufficient access to the driver side tow hook. I checked after driving 70 miles on a hot July day, and the plastic just above the muffler was cool to the touch, so I don't expect any melting from the radially exiting gases.

This picture was taken the same day, the SuperTrapp was installed, and you can see that the end-plate, discs, and tail of the muffler have already turned a copper color. I find it beautiful, but then, I also keep a few pieces of copper pipe laying around my garage in case I figure out a use for them.

The noise at idle is only slightly louder than stock, and much more pleasant, in my opinion. On the throttle, it is significantly louder than stock, but not at all annoying to me. I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound. You can hear it going around Blackhawk Farms Raceway in this video.

I like the Supertrapp much better than the stock unit, just for the weight reduction and the sound, even if it makes no more power. The copper color of the unit indicates an 'acceptable' level of backpressure, whereas no coloration or blackening would be indicative of a problem.

To sum up, I am as happy as I can imagine being with this exhaust. The only room for improvement would be more space around that hitch mount point, and the ability to easily swap the SuperTrapp for a stock unit. The latter was a lower priority than the additional noise reduction offered by the 17 inch model, and had to be sacrificed. The sound, performance, and appearance are all nearly perfect, in my opinion.

Feel free to ask, if you have questions about installing one on your MR2.