Must See To Believe

Frequently Asked Questions

Where did you get the idea to do that?
I didn't, it was built by one of the few people crazier than me, David Hawkins. Here is a page on its construction.

How does it tow?
Great, you'd never now it's back there, unless you look, or notice all the people pointing and laughing.

Speaking of which; I bet it attracts some attention, huh?
Snaps the heads right off passers-by when they do a triple-take. Also gets nerve-racking full upper body turns from passing drivers.

Does the trunk work?
Yes, and all the original rear lights from the donor 1991 MR2, including the reversing lights.

Are you going to paint it yellow?
Only if I ever find I need to attract more attention.

Whaddya got in there?
Race tires, and everything else I need to go autocrossing.

Hey man, what happened to the other half of your car?
I don't know, it was there last time I looked.

What's the stupidest question you've been asked about it?
Guy at Gas Station: Hey, are you the guy with that car and trailer out front?
Me: Yes
GaGS: Is that custom-built?
Me: No, Einstein, you can just run down to your Toyota dealer and pick one up. ( I didn't really say that. It was 6 AM and I wasn't quick enough. Although since it was 6 AM, I was the only other person in the station, which makes his first question a close runner-up in this category. )

What's the goofiest question you've been asked?
Girl working drive-through at McDonald's: Do you race?
Me: Yes
GwdtaM: Legally or illegally?

David Hillman