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My motley collection of snapshots, and now movies, from various events including; Solo, ice trials, wheel-to-wheel ice racing, driving schools, SCCA Club Racing and Rallycross. See my video camera mounts page for information on my DIY mounts. File size is noted in megabytes (M) or kilobytes (K) for movies. Find links to clubs here. MP4 videos below are viewable with Quicktime 6+, which is freely available from Apple.

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Sinissippi Ice Racing, Hustisford, Wisconsin
February 17, 2013
First rear-wheel heat of the day. Crazy fast track from the previous week's refrozen slush and snow. I'm running wide-open but having a hard time keeping up with higher horsepower cars... not usually a problem on ice. Tons of fun, though.
Fox Lake Ice Racing, Fox Lake Wisconsin
February 18, 2012
Rear-wheel drive heat. The first few laps of a rear-wheel drive heat... the only video I have from this season due to multiple technical issues ( broken camera, broken recorder, etc ). The car is finally dead-reliable and has finished all 24 races this season, but now the video gear won't work. Anyway, I start this race outside third row, run fourth for a few laps, and then pass everyone in front of me in one corner.
Sinissippi Ice Racing in Wisconsin
January 23, 2011
Open class semi-feature. First day with new video rig, so I'm working out some kinks. Didn't have time to aim the camera and the sound could be better, too. I start outside front-row, take the lead after a couple laps, but get run into twice by the careless knuckleheads in the #17 and finish 3rd.
Rear-wheel drive Heat 1 Race 2. First race of the day with my co-driver Bill behind the wheel, and finishing fourth following a full-course caution.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
March 9, 2008
Race 3 green-to-checkered, I start dead-last and work my way up to 4th overall, and first in class.
I start from pit-lane, and surrender about a one-third of a lap headstart to the field. But the MR2 is awesome when the ice is smooth and bare, and may have been the fastest car on the ice, regardless of class. I catch my class by the end of the first lap, and get up to 4th overall eventually, but run out of time to catch the rest. ( You may want to turn your speakers down for this one; the tires made a squealing sound whenever they slid across the smooth ice, but my Chasecam microphone apparently couldn't handle the frequency so it comes out like an awful screech. Didn't sound like that in real life. )
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 24, 2008
First race of the day with me actually behind the wheel this time.
Second race.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 23, 2008
This is karma in action. In the first race of the day, I finished second behind a guy I could've passed, but I backed off because he's already hit my car once, and showed, well, let's just say a willingness to do it again. So in the next race, I get ahead of him, and get sideways in a corner, and guess what happens? Same guy hits me.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 3, 2008
My friend/co-driver/mechanic Kenton's first race of the day. Well, not the whole thing, the first six minutes or so. No, btw, you aren't seeing things, that CRX that he passes only has three wheels.
The camera didn't work during any of my races, so this is another of Kenton's. "Hey, why are all these cars parked in Turn1?"
Fox Valley Sports Car Club at Lake Winnebago
January 27, 2008
Two minutes at the limit. I switched back to the rubber tires ( Blizzak Revo 1s ) for this Ice Time Trial, to practice for the upcoming MIRA season, and beat just about everyone who wasn't running studded tires, including the AWD guys.
Chicago Region SCCA at Route 66, Joliet
October 20, 2007
I once again ran around taping my ChaseCam to people's heads. Here is Bob Ochiai in Allen's street-tired MR2. We had a little gaffers-tape-malfunction there at the end.
Chicago Region SCCA at Miller Park, Milwaukee
July 28, 2007
I ran around during my off-heat taping my ChaseCam to people's cars, and sometimes their helmets. Unfortunately, my battery meter doesn't work, so these are all videos of other people driving, mostly friends who've let me drive their car in the past.
Be Like ET!, see what it's like inside Eric Tucker's helmet in his Evo.
The world-infamous Bob Lindsey in Darryl Dupre's ex-Bondurant now-ESP Mustang (helmet cam).
Ride along, literally, taped to the fender of Chris Feldott's STU M3.
Ed Locke and Eric Tucker doing their impression of a really bad rally team. 'Left left, hah hah'.
In the hip pocket of Kenton Cabiness' Corvette Z06 as he runs a 47 something, I think.
More helmet cam with Brad Tubbs in his STU Evo.
Windshield cam, again in an Evo.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 18, 2007
Two fun laps early in the day, with excellent traction and the 20 valve moder singing. ( 16M )
First three laps of first A1/B1 race. I get a wild-haired idea at that start, and try to bomb down the inside... but luckily, I think better of it.
Racing around with the A class. Tried and failed to go outside the T1 melee. Also tried and failed to make-stick a last lap pass on the #6.
Kenton gets tricky, and runs the tight-and-tidy line, in second gear all the way around. Thank god for our 9,000 rpm redline!
Just the start of A1/B1 race 3. Watch out for that Neon! (3M)
First two laps of the weekend's final A1/B1 race. My plan for the start works this time, and I jump up into 3rd overall, but that's as far as I make it.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 11, 2007
New co-driver Kenton Cabiness' first race, which he almost wins. Starts last, leads a few laps, and then spins it away on the final lap. Not a bad way to start, though. ( 55M )
My Garage
February 8, 2007
Hey, look at that, the 20 valve moder we put in the racecar actually runs! And, the ChaseCam works with the Mustek PVR-A1 I bought! This was just a quick test of the new moder, and new camera.
SCCA National Tour at Peru
May 27-28, 2006
The following Tour videos are all spectator-shot, unlike the in-car videos which make up the remainder of this collection.
My fastest run on Saturday's course.
My fastest Sunday run. This one is much better than Saturday's. A game versus B game.
Current MIRA ice-racer Ed Locke's best run in my car.
Future ice-racer Tracy Ramsey's very fast little DP-winning MR2 Spyder.
Wanna-be ice-racers Hubert and Bart Borowski's 2nd run each from Saturday.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 25-26, 2006
I'm told this race was a blast to watch. It was definitely fun to drive, and despite many laps of very close racing, we had zero contact ( this video is only the first half of the race ). In fact, in 41 races so far this season, we've only had one minor fender-bender in B class, and both cars in it kept racing.
Here's Greg racing with some A class guys, because no one in B2 could keep up with him. This is his third-straight win in a streak that eventually reached four.
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 18-19, 2006
Greg's first race ever! He finishes a respectable "not last", and is, ummm, pleased with that, to say the least, as he crosses the finish.
Greg's second race ever. Not as entertaining as the first, but you can see him getting faster.
Spin twice and win. The most-fun race I've ever been a part of... I start on the pole, spin to last in T1, regain the lead, stretch it out to half a lap, and then spin again in the final corner to nearly Jacobellis away the win... before finally pulling it out in a 3-way drag to line ( watch my head swivelling to check the other two cars as we come to the checkered ).
Another of Greg's races, in this one he starts strong, and gets into a battle for second place, before having a "polar moment" and spinning twice in 5 seconds. Fights back into third, before the camera cuts out half-way through the final lap. E-mail me to donate a buck to my "New Camera Fund" if you like these.
One of my four wins on Sunday. Never driven a car on ice that was as awesome and dominant as this little MR2 was today. As fast as anything on the ice, but still almost totally docile to drive. Pick a line, any line, and it'd stick on right on it. Have to give some credit where due, here, the Nokian Hakkapeliitta RSi tires are outstanding, and the Toyota Racing Development limited-slip may be a mechanical miracle. Also note my lucky flannel ;)
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Chippewa Lake
February 12, 2006
First race of the season, once again from shotgun-on-the-field. Why am I always the lucky one at the back for the first race? Brief white-out visibility, but not as bad as '04, below. New car for '06, too, the #26 is now our $800 312,000 mile 1986 Toyota MR2, which explains many of the horrible sounds it makes. ( Hey, what's an .mp4? )
Half of the fifth race of the day. Some back-and-forth with Alex in the other red mk1 ( with the ginormous wing ). I got really annoyed with myself for not picking a side to pass the #6 on, there at the end, and being too cautious. Didn't cost me a lot, because I got him on the next straight, but I need to work on that.
Salt Creek Time Attack at Blackhawk Farms
August 20, 2005
Fourth timed run from a standing start.
Final timed run. Note the perfect brake bias, as I lock up all four simultaneously and skid my way into Turn 7 from 100 mph. Not fast, but entertaining.
By far my best run... until I caught up with a Seven-replica just before Turn 7. Several seconds ahead of any other run, at that point, but turned into a re-run.
Throwing it at the scenery. First and third-run spins at T3a and T3, respectively. Forgot to check my rear shocks, and lo and behold, the rear gets light with no rebound damping. Duh.
Lapping Day at USA Int'l Raceway
October 24, 2004
Solo hot-lap of the country's finest kart track at Shawano, Wisconsin, courtesy of the Fox Valley and Central Wisconsin Sports Car Clubs. 1:14.3 on my stopwatch. Got haybales?
How not to point by, chapter 2. What is it with little red hatchbacks? Below it was a VW with no mirrors, this time a Focus. "Do onto others..."
Lots of action here. Just before this starts, I pointed the Mini by, because he'd been keeping up for a few laps, so I gave him the chance to see if he could pull away since I couldn't. Following an excellent double-point-by a 240SX driver, the Mini driver makes a mistake in a hairpin which slows us both, and Tim catches up in his Evo. I point him by, and keep up through the twisty section... until we reach the uphill back stretch. Then it's "Hey, where'd Tim go?"
A study of gearing. The NSX is between gears over most of the track, either at the awkward top of first, or at low ( for a Honda ) RPMs in 2nd. Meanwhile, my MR2 is in the sweet-spot of 2nd gear throughout most of the track, and goes a lot faster even with less power.
Naperville Grand Prix
September 26, 2004
Race 49, Tri-State Bombers first first-round race. Won by Dan Cyr.
Race 50, Tri-State Express first first-round race. Dan Bosser's kart breaks necessitating a full-course yellow, and then Mark Hirt ( orange, looks like a pointer cone sitting on a kart ) runs away and hides.
Race 51, Overall 2nd place Tri-State Hustlers first first-round race. I start from the pole, and lead the first lap easily. Get big-headed, and make a mistake ( off-camera )on lap 2, allowing John Martin and Peter Bury to catch up. We trade the podium spots for the remaining laps, including a slide-job I put on John at the 2:00 minute mark, where he could've put us both into the wall, but to his credit, he gathered up his kart and tried to pass me back on the inside. He was unsuccessful then, but got me later and finished second, behind Peter.
Race 54, second Tri-State Bombers race, also won by Dan Cyr. If someone wants to send me a comment on this race to put here, go ahead.
Race 55, second Tri-State Express race. Also need a correspondent for this one.
Race 56, second Tri-State Hustlers race. Tracy Ramsey wins. I start 7th and finish fourth with Peter Bury behind me, and we all transfer to the second round. Did I mention the Hustlers finished second overall in the Grand Prix?
Tri-State Sports Car Council at MGA Research
August 22, 2004
Be careful mounting a video-camera in your car by the tripod mount. Your camera may wind up going out the window, if you aren't.
SCCA Peru ProSolo
August 14-15, 2004
My fastest run on the left course, a 39.785 with a .529 light, and a 2.02 60 ft time.
Red-lighting away by far my best run of the weekend, a 39.1 on the right side.
TSSCC v. WAI Challenge 2004 at Miller Park
August 8, 2004
Last and fastest run at the 2004 Tri-State Sports Car Council versus Wisconsin Autocrossers Inc Challenge at Miller Park. About 200 drivers competed, and TSSCC came out on top by about 4 tenths of a second on WAI's home turf.
Chicago Region SCCA Solo2 at Auction Way Sales
July 24, 2004
Last and fastest run on my new Avon Tech R tires.
Milwaukee Region SCCA Solo2 at Miller Park
May 23, 2004
Garden-variety best run from first Milwaukee event of the season, at Miller Park.
Tri-State Sports Car Council Solo2 at Peru
May 16, 2004
The best Solo2 course I've ever driven. Designed by Tracy Ramsey and Lloyd Wilson on the old B-52 parking area at Grissom Aeroplex in Indiana.
Chicago Region SCCA at Route 66
May 9, 2004
The Sounds of Autocross. Just about radio. (3.5M)
Michigan VW Enthusiasts at Gingerman
April 10, 2004
This isn't very fair, but since when has that stopped me? ;) It was a cool day and the guys with the Diasio 962 were unable to get their tires hot and running way off their usual pace, plus it gets held up by traffic. I run a 1:43 lap chasing in my stock '91 MR2T on skinny old Goodyear GS-CSes. ( 5.7M )
This lap is a great example of how brakes win races. Not that this was a race, but watch how I can't do anything to the Audi TT in front on the throttle, but every time we reach a corner, I brake 20 feet later and take that much out of the gap. (5.8M)
How not to point by. This VW is waved out on track in front of me, and I catch him, and tail him through two straight-aways before he checks his mirrors and points me by. (9M)
Insert New Car Here. March 7th was the last event ( for me ) in my venerable yellow '91 MR2. Sold it, and bought a red '91T.
Central Wisconsin Sports Car Club at Gingerman
March 7, 2004
One of 50 or so untimed laps I ran in my MR2 on Azenises after we'd finished competing for the day, and coincidentally it had started snowing. (6M)
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Hess lake
February 29, 2004
Craig's Door. This is actually the entire second A1/B1 race flag-to-flag, but my only recollection of it is "Craig's Door". (16M)
MIRA's Drift Team. ( I just like to think how many kids are going to Google "drift team" and get here. ) (4M)
Start of A2/B2 race 3. Check out Jeremy in the whale of a Mustang inch-perfect coming onto the front straight in front of me, and more. (5M)
Drifting with Gene. Almost the entire final A2/B2 race of the season, behind the champ. (15M)
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Hess Lake
February 22, 2004
First three and a half laps of A2/B2 race two. Featuring Jeremy's Mustang and the Datsun disappearing into the distance, along with the IceScort, and the Neon Sprint Car. (10M)
Last lap of A1/B1 race one, not much to see here, except how rough it was before being re-plowed and I get passed under yellow just before the finish. (3M)
Exit Stage Left Part II. Last lap of the last race, starts with Carol in the IceScort shooting off to the inside of T1, and ends with Gene in the Datsun having his own problem with the inside of T3. (4M)
Wisconsin Autosports Group
February 1, 2004
One lap on studded tires, all four this time ( see January 11 ). That's about 90 mph on the back straight. (4M)
Michigan Ice Racing Association at Lake City
January 24-5, 2004
Back and forth between Craig Weidner and I for the first half of B1 race 1 on Sunday, with a guest appearance by Anthony HooSang, exiting a snowbank. Craig passes me again a lap or two later, and wins. (15M, ~6 minutes)
Exit Stage Left. How not to exit the course in a little beige A-class car. (200K, 5 seconds)
A pair of in-car stills featuring the black Fiesta and Probe; Turn 1 and Turn 3. (Tiny, 19K each)
An optimistic passing attempt on the outside of T1, elicits an R-rated comment from me, and I brake to avoid a mess. (700K).
First 3 laps of the season, from essentially shotgun on the field. White-out visibility as we kick up the loose snow from the course. (8M)
Racing around with a couple of A class guys for a few laps. (10M)
Autoklub Polski Chicago and Wisconsin Autosports Group at Gingerman
January 18, 2004
Gingerman in the Snow. (5M)
Name of the file says it all... spinandrecover.wmv.
Wisconsin Autosports Group at Lake Sinnissippi
January 11, 2004
Running on three wildly-studded tires and one Blizzak MZ-02 because the fourth is stuck in a UPS warehouse. (3.5M)
Even on only three tires, I had this run, a 1:43 that would've been 2nd or 3rd overall if a timing error hadn't turned it into a re-run. (3.2M)
Central Wisconsin Sports Car Club Rallycross at Creekside Corners Raceway
December 15, 2003
Second run on stage 2, counter-clockwise around the racetrack, using the crossover. (3.5M)
Chicago Region SCCA Solo2 at Route 66
October 5, 2003
In-car video from my fifth run in Dustin's black ES '92 MR2. (4.1M)
Chicago Region SCCA Solo2 at Route 66
September 21, 2003
In-car video of my last and fastest run at event 5. (1.6M)
How not to do it. Count the cone hits and then, for entertainment, watch my hands in the turnaround. (2M)
Tri-State Sports Car Club
August 31, 2003
Peru under water. Not my fastest run of the weekend, but probably my best, a 58.8 on race tires in the rain on Sunday. (2M)
Chicago Region Solo2 at the Neon Factory
July 19, 2003
Entertaining Hubert on my first run with some slideways action on pavement. (2M)
Tri-State Sports Car Club
July 13, 2003
In-car video of one autocross run at Maywood Park in my E Stock MR2. (2M)
Tri-State Sports Car Club
June 22, 2003
In-car video of one autocross run at MGA Research in my E Stock MR2. (2M)
My co-driver and co-chair for the day, Donnie Bartalone, on his first run. (2M)
Chicago Region Solo2 at Route 66
June 15, 2003
In-car video of one autocross run at Route 66 in my E Stock MR2. (2M)
Midwestern Council at BFR
May 17, 2003
In-car video of one lap of Blackhawk Farms from a standing start. (5M)
Michigan Ice Racing Association
February 2, 2003
Michigan Ice Racing Association NEW
January 19, 2003
Passenger-seat view of the first lap and half of the first race. (4M)
Side-by-slideways. I start outside front-row and stick my nose under the Fire Arrow in T2, but can't get by and we drive the whole lap side-by-side and occasionally slideways. Unfortunately, he's just outside the FOV to the right. (3M)
Laps 2 and 3 of race 6 (4M) followed by laps 3 and 4. (3M) It's a 3-car dogfight between the Fire Arrow, Anthony's Merkur and me. I start lap 2 in the lead, but finish the next in third, and get back to the front on the fourth lap until the Fire Arrow passes me off-course entering T1 ( visibility was rapidly worsening, and the final two races had to be cancelled ).
Michigan Ice Racing Association
January 12, 2003
Movie of the last lap of my first race. I win! (6M)
Index of more
Tri-State Sports Car Club
June 9, 2002
Two-wheelin'! ;)
Fairfield County Sports Car Club Rookie School
March 17, 2002
Wisconsin Autosports Group Ice Trial
January 6, 2002
Wisconsin Autosports Group Rallycross
November 18, 2001
Chicago Region Twin Solo
October 20, 2001
TSSCC/INR Girls Go Fast³
October 7, 2001
Milwaukee Region, Labor Day at Miller Park
September 3, 2001
TSSCC Maximum Gees Attained
July 15, 2001
216 Pro
36 Street Touring
441 Street Modified
459 Street Modified
76 Street Touring
787 C Stock
The newly-wed-mobile
NB: I have many more images from this event, but I have no time to scan them. If you were there, feel free to send me car and number information and I'll check.
WAI on Memorial Day
May 28, 2001
TSSCC Return of Tomes
April 29, 2001
SCCA Chicago Region Frosty Frolics
February 4, 2001
Wisconsin Autosports Group Ice Trial
January 16, 2000
Our Subaru Legacy GT Wagon
Andrew Tasi's 1988 Toyota MR2
Audi A4 1.8TQ with all four tires digging.
Spinning white 323GTX ( series ).
Allen Skillicorn and his CRX.
Rooster tail from same.
Black Golf in morning practice.
SCCA Chicago Region autocross at Route 66
March 28, 1999
Lindsey launching the MR2.
More Lindsey in the MR2.
Dave DeBorde ( my Learning Curve instructor, thanks Dave! ) in his venerable 1971 Datsun 240Z.
Milwaukee Saab Club ice trial
January 17, 1999
One of the wheel-to-wheel oval drivers who share Lake Sinnissippi was driving this; complete with wing-flapping bird mounted on the roof.
SCCA Central Illinois Region autocross at Utica
July 19, 1998
Me rounding the hairpin at Utica, in the MR2.
Allison, the Miata. ( I don't name my cars, this belonged to a friend. )
The D Modified Ranger.
Chicago Historics at Road America
Lotus passing Alfa up the hill out of Canada corner.
Daylight under your inside front tire is a good thing.
McKamey School at ICC
Jean Kinser, Brian Priebe, and Lindsey flogging my old Alfa Romeo 164 during a Phase 1 at Illinois Central College. 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7
AROC Fall Challenge
A 1991 Alfa Romeo 164S at the apex of turn 14 during Saturday's lunchtime touring session.
One of two beautiful Calloway GTV6es present. In addition to this burgandy Calloway, the former-autoshow, ex-IMSA, serial #002 Calloway showed up.
1996 Miata during touring session. Driver is the photographer from my Incident Page, passenger is my SO, Lindsey.

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