2001 Frosty Frolics

Images from the SCCA Chicago Region's Frosty Frolics Rallycross in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin on February 4, 2001.

Beware ye, all who venture beyond!
Subaru Impreza #48
Audi urq sliding
Subaru Impreza #71 spraying snow slideways
Subaru Impreza #70 following suit
Subaru Impreza #70 finishing
Mitsubishi Lancer #44 at the finish
Subaru Impreza #8? sliding toward the finish
Subaru Impreza #71 same
Class K winner Impreza #69
Subaru XT6 #61
Subaru GL #66
Red Mazda 323GTX
Black early DSM
Silver Impreza Coupe
VW Cabriolet getting it all wrong
Subaru Impreza #48 through the finish
The Fiero
The Corvair

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All Images and Text © 2001 David Hillman
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