Labor Day at Miller Park

Images from the SCCA Milwaukee Region Solo2.

An S2000 doing a 'brakie'. Okay, not quite lifting the rear wheels, still, wow.
Doh! Never seen a defenseless cone dragged so far.
Spinning Corvette series.
While it does make for an entertaining shot, all arms and legs need to be kept inside the vehicle.
Little old British cars, MGB and TR6.
Little old Italian car.
Little old Japanese car.
Not-so little old American car.
Steve's flame-shooting RX-7, ( not in this picture, though ).
Still pissing on cones remarkably quickly.
The Picouet's 928GT. At least, I assume they own it; if not I hope the owner knows what they do with it.
More A Stock, 112, 15, 977, and the fastest MR2 27.
Someone other than me who autocrosses a Subaru Legacy.
F stock Camaro.
Unspecified Camaro, HS I guess.

I shot more than 80 exposures during Heat 2, which only had about that same number of drivers, so if you are missing, feel free to let me know. These are just the best and most interesting, to me anyway.

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