WAG Ice Trial 1/6/2002

Another great Wisconsin Autosports Group Ice Trial on Lake Sinnissippi. Results are here. I have double prints of all these, which I didn't ask for; if you'd like one or more, inquire within. Also, I have a few more that haven't uploaded; if you were there and would like me to check for your car, let me know.

Fastest car on the ice, 1, 2 ( I wanted to call this one, "A Clock-tower Orange" )
Subaru white-out series, 1, 2, 3
Another Subaru
This one's a Legacy
Old school Ford Fiesta and Saab
Which way is it going?
This way (TT)
Red eclipse
Red bug
Studded Miata
Mazda 323GTX
Red rabbit
Silver WRX wagon
Audi sedan
Porsche and ancestor
This is apparently what passes for entertainment in Hustisford, dragging your offspring around a frozen lake with an ATV. Optionally, you can use a snowmobile.

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