2001 WAI Memorial Day Autocross

Images from the Wisconsin Autocrossers Incorporated event at Miller Park on May 28, 2001.

Vintage aircraft flyover for Memorial Day
Red, white, and blue Subarus.
Even seen a Stock Miata lift an inside front tire? Check out the passenger's grin.
We don't see too many Neons anymore.
Cone-colored Porsche 911; almost a perfect match.
Super Stock, yellow.
Super Stock, non-yellow.
Almost another 3-wheeling Miata.
New and old MR2s, and Mark McKnight's in-between MR2.
Another Miata.
Civic duty.
BMW 3 series.
And last, but not least, my favorite car to watch, and listen to, at WAI events, the Porsche 928. It appears to be on a downslope here, but that is just because it's driven like water flowing downhill.

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All Images and Text © 2001 David Hillman
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